Programming courses for children 7-8 years

For children 7 and 8 years

Researchers unanimously call programming the skill of the future. In 10 years it will be difficult to imagine a profession that does not require a computer and modern information technology.

Parents should take care in advance to direct the hobbies of a child in a useful direction. Thus, the best decision is to provide your child with the programming courses at CODDY school.

Features of programming for children aged 7-8

School admission makes the most important changes in the life of a child. The beginning of school education means moving from gaming to learning. It is difficult for some children. Is it worth it in this case, loading them with additional training and knowledge?

Our answer is yes. Moreover education at the CODDY school on programming courses for children aged 7 has a positive impact on development of a child and his overall academic performance.

Advantages of our courses:

  • education in a form of game, therefore it’s available and interesting for every child;
  • logics and analytical skills development;
  • concentration and memory improvement;
  • creativity and abstract thinking improvement;
  • creating own projects makes a child feel more confident;
  • programming courses improve knowledge in maths and other related subjects in school;
  • when studying in the groups of 8-10 a child is surrounded by persons sharing his ideas and views and learns how to work in a team.

On specially designed programming courses for children at the age of 8 your son or daughter will learn Scratch and Javascript languages, create their own game, cartoon or mobile app, learn graphic design editors, and develop design thinking.

After completion our programming courses a child will not waste time with a laptop anymore, but will create and develop own projects with enthusiasm. No matter what profession a child will choose in the future, logical thinking will always be useful.

Codecombat: First steps in JavaScript/Python
Role game teaching JavaScript and basics of computer sciences
6000 rub
Minecraft programming
Learning programming in the context of the popular and favorite video game
6000 rub
Minecraft in Scratch
Intermediate Scratch course
6000 rub
Creating Games in Scratch
Introduction to block based coding
6000 rub
Kodu Game Lab
3D game development with visual programming language designed by Microsoft
6000 rub
Graphic design Photoshop
Introduction to the popular graphics editor
6000 rub
Go Strategy
Strategic thinking development
6000 rub
Game programming JavaScript
Creation of web video games, advanced user interfaces and dynamic web pages
6000 rub
Creating games in Construct2
2D games on HTML5
6000 rub
Design of mobile applications
Modern and effective interface
6000 rub
Creating games (Snap!)
Graphic game development
6000 rub
Game script development
Video game screenwriting
6000 rub
Cucaracha Windows
Introduction to programming and algorithms
6000 rub
Online Training
Personal online lessons
12 000 rub

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